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QHSE Management System

NIMR Oil aims to have an incident-free workplace where accidents, injuries or losses do not occur and maintain our environment at which level better than we found. NIMR Oil pays high value on Service Quality, Health, Safety and Environment than any other aspects. NIMR Oil is an equal opportunity employer and considers people the most valuable asset.

NIMR Oil believes that we are committed to Service Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Thus, NIMR Oil’s commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment starts with the organisation’s senior leaders, and it is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation, including the newest recruit. This commitment enhanced its reputation and image, enabling it to maintain and expand its reputable customer base.

Service Quality

NIMR Oil focuses on meeting customers’ expectations by delivering services in the desired manner. NIMR Oil aims high level of service quality for each business segment through continuous improvement through leadership commitment, a robust management system and teamwork. NIMR Oil provides its clients with services of the highest professional and technical standards, which comply with client-specific QHSE requirements and local statutory requirements. Doing the job right and doing it safely is our primary business objective. Everyone within the organisation and contractors has an essential part to ensure that NIMR Oil continues to improve all aspects of its operational activities.

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Health Safety and Environment

NIMR Oil believes that no job is successful unless it has been completed safely without harming people and the environment. NIMR Oil is committed to protecting the environment, is determined to prevent accidents, be a leader in workplace safety, and continue to move forward through a strategy based on high standards of integrity and performance. All of our people, facilities, and partnerships around the world are accountable for pursuing these goals by driving the QHSE Management Program. All business units and subsidiaries are aligned with NIMR Oil’s corporate QHSE Management System. All the relevant policies and objectives are defined and clearly stated. The organisational structure and associated responsibilities for all parts of the business are highlighted, and the arrangements are put in place to ensure that all policies are implemented, controlled, monitored and improved as required.

Facilities are routinely audited to verify compliance with NIMR Oil Corporate QHSE Performance Standards, policies, procedures, and the laws and regulations of applicable governing entities. Global safety observation and resource efficiency programs have been set up and are already delivering results. NIMR Oil believes that the solid foundations of management systems and programs have helped drive the organisation’s progress. NIMR Oil always ensures its compliance with customer and statutory requirements

Our QHSE program helps prevent losses, reduce costs and improve service efficiency

Doing the job right and doing it safely is our primary business objective

Yesterday taught us to live safer today

Stay Safe…


NIMR Oil maintains an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management system based on three international standards, which are ISO9001 for Quality, ISO14001 for environmental and ISO45001 for occupational health and safety.