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Technical Partnership

By joining hands with specialist companies, NIMR Oil can expand our service/product portfolio to cover the full spectrum of oil and gas supply chain delivering capabilities to serve upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

Drilling Fluids

NIMR Oil collaborates with leading oilfield chemicals manufacturing companies in the MENA-Asia Pacific region to provide chemical products and solutions in cementing, drilling, stimulation, and production segments.

Advanced Well Integrity

NIMR Oil can offer a range of services to demonstrate Well integrity. These services range from integrity surveillance, using multi-finger callipers and downhole video cameras, to a complete data analysis service to monitor and report well integrity

Technical Partnership

Coring and Core Processing

NIMR Oil provides a suite of coring services through our collaboration venture with our international partnerships to deliver the finest and cost-effective Coring solutions.

Through our exclusive arrangement with our partner, NIMR Oil offers a complete suite of the following services.


  • Routine Core Analysis
  • Special Core Analysis
  • Reservoir Fluid Services
  • Core Imaging
  • Other Interpretive & Advisory Services

Wellhead and X-Mas Tree

Built to Client Specifications, NIMR Oil can supply Wellhead and Christmas Tree systems of all sizes, working pressures and trims based on API-6A requirements. NIMR Oil also offers a range of services related to the Maintenance of wellheads.

  • Routine maintenance, greasing and Inspection
  • Installation, refurbishment and repair of wellhead equipment and valves
  • Inventory stock management and reporting
  • Hot Tapping Services
  • Gate Valve Drilling Services
  • Casing Cutting Services
Technical Partnership

Mud Logging

NIMR Oil can deliver specialised surface logging solutions that help operators drill better wells.

Liner Hanger

NIMR Oil can offer a wide range of Field Proven and Advanced Liner Hanger Systems with Multiple design Features for complex field-based problems meeting API specifications.

CT Tractor

Coiled Tubing Tractors™ (CT Tractors) help operators overcome the problem of CT lockup in complex, extended-reach wells. Tractors enable deployment of equipment’s further and faster to cost-effectively reach target depth in a wide range of cased or open-hole wellbore sizes. Through our collaboration with industry-recognized specialist providers, NIMR Oil offers CT Tractor capability alongside our CT offering.

Casing and Tubular Running

NIMR Oil offers a broad portfolio of casing and tubular handling services. Our solutions include casing running, tubing running, torque monitoring, pick-up and laydown technology, remotely operated tubular solutions and installation of control lines.

Technical Partnership

Advanced Well Integrity

NIMR Oil can offer a range of services to demonstrate the well integrity. These services range from integrity surveillance, using multi-finger callipers and downhole video cameras, to a full data analysis service to monitor and report well integrity.

Well Testing

NIMR Oil can provide a complete range of mobile systems and specialist services, delivering quality data and operational efficiency to manage Surface Well Testing, Pressure Measurements, Fluid Sampling & Analysis and Drill-Stem Testing requirements.

Wireline Logging

NIMR Oil offers a range of downhole well-logging services to understand the reservoir and achieve ultimate recovery at the lowest overall cost.

Engineering and Integrated Subsurface Capability

NIMR Oil also has a substantial portfolio capability in the following vital services areas through an exclusive arrangement.

Complex Well Design –
Advanced Tubular Analysis and Wellbore Integrity 
Deepwater and Offshore Structural Engineering 
Underbalanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling
including deep water and HPHT applications 
Thermal and Geothermal Well Engineering 
Resource Optimization, and Asset Management 
Failure and Root Cause Analyses integrating
Mechanics, Materials and Chemistry 
Reservoir Engineering & Field development 
Well Integrity Management 
Pipeline Integrity Risk Assessment and Analyses 
Training and Technology Transfer. 
HPHT/ x‐HPHT/ u‐HPHT Complex Wells – Well, Drilling and Completions Engineering 
Well Certifications
Integrated Studies: Petrophysics, G&G, Reservoir, Production,
Drilling, Completions, Process, Facilities 
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) 
Heavy Oil thermal recovery 
Materials Science and Engineering applied to the 
upstream oil and gas industry 
Field Surveillance and Production Monitoring
Laboratory Testing and Analysis 
Techno‐Legal Services