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Downstream Services

NIMR Oil constantly invest in the development of our midstream service offerings. Our in-house engineering expertise along with our extensive fleet of certified equipment’s and competent crew provides effective process solutions designed to optimize customers asset performance and maximum throughput.

Process services

With our multi-disciplined crew and extensive fleet of equipment, NIMR Oil can seamlessly engineer and deliver multiple Process projects from concept to completion.

The range of process service include:

Plant Hydrotesting services
Fluid Pumping services
Flushing services
Decontamination services
Flange Management services
Valve maintenance & testing
Dewatering and Drying services
Filtration services
Reinjection services
Chemical Injection services
Bolt Torquing and Tensioning services

Nitrogen Services

NIMR Oil has a large fleet of Nitrogen Equipment’s actively enabling clients to reduce project time and cost with efficient nitrogen usage whether be it onshore or offshore. We support projects in oil and gas, LNG, refining, petrochemical plants.

The range of process service include:

Nitrogen-Helium Leak Testing Services
Station Purging
Nitrogen Drying Services
Nitrogen Pressure Testing Services
Hot Nitrogen Accelerated Purging Services
Nitrogen Packing and Preservation services

Leak Detection Services

In facilities where hydrocarbons are present, maintaining a leak-free system is paramount. Nitrogen/helium leak detection is a commonly adopted and precise way of detecting and quantifying leaks on critical joints.


NIMR Oil engages with operating companies and Turnaround contractors, offering the latest techniques and equipment from susceptible helium testing or pneumatic leak testing in compliance with industry standards.

The range of process service include:

Nitrogen-Helium Leak Testing Services
Hydrostatic testing, which uses water or another liquid under pressure
Nitrogen Pressure Testing Services

Decommissioning Services

NIMR Oil’s Decommissioning and late-life operational support services include Specialized cleaning to ensure the removal of residual hydrocarbons, along with sludge, debris and any other deposits from the internal surfaces of process and pipeline systems.


We work with our customers and partners utilising the latest techniques to meet the project’s specific needs.

The range of service includes:

Nitrogen Purging for Pipelines and Process systems.
Mechanical, chemical, or gel technology cleaning
Tank desludging and product removal
Pipeline Cleaning and De-oiling service.
Decontamination service – Vapour Phase and Liquid Phase

Equipment Rental Services

NIMR Oil provides you with a unique combination of professional advice and a fully certified equipment fleet complying with local industry requirements. Range of equipment’s consists of the following.

Temporary Pump packages
Acid Tanks
Nitrogen Tanks
Pipeline Tool Tracking and Locating Systems
Frac Tanks
Mixing Tanks
Pipeline Pigs