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QHSE (quality, occupational health & safety and environment) consists of three essential elements that – together – represent the core of NIMR Oil’s overall work concept. As such, they are implanted firmly and deeply into all our management policies, corporate culture, work processes, services, and the performance of all our employees and subcontractors. The systematic and thoughtful standardisation of all our management and working processes ensures operational excellence for our customers at all levels.

The three parts of our Integrated Management System treat even the smallest topics of this system with the same diligence and attention to detail.

QHSE Management System

NIMR Oil aims to have an incident-free workplace where accidents, injuries or losses do not occur and maintain our environment at which level better than we found. NIMR Oil pays high value on Service Quality, Health, Safety and Environment than any other aspects. NIMR Oil is an equal opportunity employer and considers people the most valuable asset.


  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • What We do for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Programs

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