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NIMR Oil Services

Upstream Services


Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is commonly used to convey tools and circulate fluids into and out of the wellbore.  Our Coiled Tubing supports clients to enhance reservoir performance throughout the Well lifespan. With the option to transmit data in real-time, operators can monitor the Well response to treatment and decisions on the fly to optimise performance. In Qatar, we have the largest fleet of CT equipment’s ready to mobilise on short notice.


Wireline/Slickline is a thin wire of 0.108” to 0.160” size that is introduced into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole and can support the acquisition of data from memory tools regarding the conditions of the wellbore. NIMR Oil offers an extensive range of Slickline services for Well intervention and downhole deployment requirements.

Well Cementing

NIMR Oil provides high-quality and cost-effective Well cementing services to customers from its rich offshore and onshore cementing experiences. The comprehensive Well cementing services are solution-based with effective cement placement technology, optimized cement slurry systems, cementing engineering design, software simulation, state-of-the-art pumping equipment’s, wellhead, downhole tools, and casing accessories.


Due to its inert nature, the use of nitrogen in downhole operations has significantly reduced the risk of explosions occurring within confined spaces where hydrocarbons being recovered interact with air.

With experienced crews and in house fleet of low and high-rate pumps, NIMR Oil delivers the best-in-class Nitrogen solutions

Supplies & Rentals

NIMR Oil provides a large variety of high-quality equipment for the upstream oil and gas market covering drilling, completions, and production work sites on sale and rental basis.

Pressure Pumping

Our in-depth operational experience in the Pressure pumping segment helps us understand the challenges that may arise, and allows us to design customized solutions in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner

Acid Stimulation

NIMR Oil is a full-service Acidizing and Stimulation service provider enabling operators to enhance their hydrocarbon production from new and existing wells. Acidizing and production enhancement operations increase or restore production in all types of wells.


Using our extensive oilfield and engineering expertise, we can create customised well stimulation programs for clients to maximise their Well production. NIMR Oil operates a large fleet of pumping equipment that delivers unparalleled performance at industry-leading operating efficiencies resulting in significant economic savings for large scale operations.

Midstream Services



NIMR Oil offers a wide range of Pipeline pre-commissioning, commissioning, operational pigging, and decommissioning services to suit the customer’s specific objectives.

Downstream Services


Process Services

With our multi-disciplined crew and extensive fleet of equipment, NIMR Oil can seamlessly engineer and deliver multiple Process projects from concept to completion.

Nitrogen Services

NIMR Oil has a large fleet of Nitrogen Equipment, actively enabling clients to reduce project time and cost with efficient nitrogen usage, whether onshore or offshore. We support projects in oil and gas, LNG, refining, petrochemical plants.

Leak Detection Services

In facilities where hydrocarbons are present, maintaining a leak-free system is paramount. Nitrogen/helium leak detection is a commonly adopted and precise way of detecting and quantifying leaks on critical joints. NIMR Oil engages with operating companies and Turnaround contractors, offering the latest techniques and equipment from susceptible helium testing or pneumatic leak testing in compliance with industry standards.

Decommissioning Services

Our Decommissioning and late-life operational support services include Specialized cleaning to ensure the removal of residual hydrocarbons, along with sludge, debris and any other deposits from the internal surfaces of process and pipeline systems.

We work with our customers and partners utilising the latest techniques to meet the project’s specific needs.

Equipment rental services

NIMR Oil provides you with a unique combination of professional advice and a fully certified equipment fleet complying with local industry requirements. Range of equipment’s consists of the following.

Other Services


Technical Partnership

By joining hands with NIMR Oil, international companies have the opportunity to expand their service/product portfolio in Qatar.

NIMR Oil can facilitate value-added services and act as the focal point between the End Users and Principal to manage operations.

Local Representation

Companies setting up business in Qatar will need a reliable Tawteen ICV Certified local partner. NIMR Oil is open to engaging with Principals to represent their interest in the Qatari oil and gas segment.