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Upstream Services

NIMR Oil can provide a wide range of Well intervention services from bespoke Well engineering design to complete project management services, including integrated turnkey services. Our Well service segment predominantly offers industry-leading capability in Coiled Tubing, Stimulation, Slickline, Nitrogen.

With our highly competent crews, strong equipment base, and extensive field knowledge, NIMR Oil can provide a wide range of well intervention solutions catering to the upstream oil and gas segment.​

Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is commonly used to convey tools and circulate fluids into and out of the wellbore.  Our Coiled Tubing supports clients to enhance reservoir performance throughout the Well lifespan. With the option to transmit data in real-time, operators can monitor the Well response to treatment and decisions on the fly to optimise performance. In Qatar, we have the largest fleet of CT equipment’s ready to mobilise on short notice.

With our industry-leading experience, NIMR Oil can extend its Coiled Tubing services for the following applications:

Wellbore cleanout and Fill removal operations
Milling scale and well barriers such as frac plugs, cement, bridge plugs using Coiled Tubing Motors
High pressure jetting
Run with Thru-tubing inflatables such as inflatable packers, plugs, cement retainers etc.
Tools run on CT for various parts of the completion operation
Cement Squeezing jobs
Fishing jobs
Coiled Tubing conveyed ESP Operations
Pressure/leak testing.
Well Stimulation (formation acidizing or fracturing)
Under rearming
Plug or bridge plug setting for plugging back depleted zones or isolating leaks
E-line CT Logging tools and perorating guns conveyance.
Velocity String Installation
Well killing jobs
Nitrogen lifting and kickoff operations.
Fiber optic coiled tubing & DAS/DTS Operations.
Coiled Tubing conveyed Perforation


NIMR Oil offers an extensive range of Onshore and Offshore Slickline services for Well intervention and downhole deployment requirements.

Slickline Well Completion
Gaslift Valve Change Out
Slickline Re-completions
Open & Close SSD
SC-SSV Change Out
Memory Production Logging Services
Plug Setting & Pulling
Downhole tool installation and removal.
Downhole tool manipulation.
Fishing operations.
Data acquisition
Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) Survey
Slickline Zone Change Out Wax Cutting
Heavy-duty Fishing
Storm Chokes Slickline
Well Depth Measurements
Sediment or obstruction cleaning.
Deployment and retrieval of retrievable ESP System.
Tubing check and pressure testing.
Tubing/liner/ casing repair & clearance check.

Well Cementing

NIMR Oil provides high-quality and cost-effective Well cementing services to customers from its rich offshore and onshore cementing experiences. The comprehensive Well cementing services are solution-based with effective cement placement technology, optimised cement slurry systems, cementing engineering design, software simulation, state-of-the-art pumping equipment’s, wellhead, downhole tools, and casing accessories.

Surface Cementing
Production Cementing
Horizontal Cementing
Remedial/Squeeze Cementing
Cement Design Solutions
Intermediate Cementing
Liner Cementing
Cement Plugs
Lost Circulation applications
Laboratory Solutions


NIMR Oil’s latest fleet of Nitrogen Skid units, Portable Tanks and accessories are readily available for a quick mobilisation to perform a wide range of down-hole nitrogen services Onshore and offshore.

Coiled tubing operations
Well cleanouts
Well integrity testing
Nitrogen fracturing
Well injection testing
Stuck drill pipe
Pressure testing
Gas lift
Nitrified acid injection
Well displacement
Foamed cementing
Underbalanced drilling

Acid Stimulation

NIMR Oil is a full-service Acidizing and Stimulation service provider enabling operators to enhance their hydrocarbon production from new and existing wells.

Acidizing and production enhancement operations increase or restore production in all types of wells.
Using our extensive oilfield and engineering expertise, we can create customised well stimulation programs for clients to maximise their Well production. NIMR Oil operates a large fleet of pumping equipment that delivers unparalleled performance at industry-leading operating efficiencies resulting in significant economic savings for large scale operations.

Acidizing and fracturing design
Matrix acidizing
Hydraulic fracturing and acid treatments
Hydro-slotting perforation
Well clean out
Stuck pipe releasing

Pressure Pumping

Our in-depth operational experience in the Pressure pumping segment helps us understand the challenges that may arise, and allows us to design customized solutions in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner

Pressure Testing: Pressure pumping and testing of surface lines, choke manifold, BOP and other well head components.
Bull heading: Pumping fluid into well without circulation typically for well control applications.
Gas Well Batch Inhibition: Batch treatment and injection of corrosion inhibitor mix at high pressure to provide corrosion protection in gas wells.
Well Integrity: Pressure testing is conducted to ensure Well casing and cement integrity. In the event of a leak identified, a variety of inflatable packer systems can be deployed to re-establish integrity, including squeeze cementing, scab liners etc.
Filtration: NIMR Oil can offer provide effective debris removal system for your drilling, workover, and completion fluids thereby preventing particles from blocking formation pores.

Supplies & Rentals

NIMR Oil provides a large variety of high-quality equipment for the upstream oil and gas market covering drilling, completions, and production work sites on a sale and rental basis.

Drilling & Fishing Tools
Casing and Cementing Accessories
Drill Bits
Completion Products
Jars & Accelerators
Safety Valves
Oilfield Chemicals